Why Marketing Concierge?To save money,time and your sanity!


Why Marketing Concierge?To save money,time and your sanity!

Holiday is over. Just came in the office and you are under the snow with couple of hundred of unread emails- You are wondering- Will it ever get easier? When will you finally feel caught up and have more time to focus on what's truly important?

We could all use a few extra hours during the day and more time to focus on what matters most. This is exactly why Concierge Expert is the home management and concierge agency dedicated to bringing balance to your lifestyle and a passport to your life. Concierge Expert strives to reverse the concept of time as a commodity by helping you to simplify your everyday life.

Couple of reasons why you should hire a concierge service:

1. A marketing concierge service saves your time
You can rely on Concierge Expert to help you with any marketing task you're facing : price comparison research, case studies, newsletters, event management, localization, building presentations on your behalf, multi lingual marketing support for you, your team and your partners to name just a few.We remove the burden of a busy schedule by providing unlimited management of your daily needs. Even if you are able to finish everything before deadline yourself, it will undoubtedly free your time. Our consultants have the expertise and training in particular fields that helps them tackle your tasks effectively.

2. A marketing concierge service saves your money
Instead of hiring several people for specific jobs a marketing concierge will help you handle multiple responsibilities. This is an efficient way to significantly reduce your costs. Outsourcing tasks will ensure that you keep your spending on services low and quality high.

3. A marketing concierge company saves your sanity
A marketing concierge will allow you to focus on important (and enjoyable) things. When you're committed to too many things at once, it's no longer a true commitment, as time constraints force you to sacrifice quality for quantity. Having qualified personnel complete some of the tasks that are dragging you down will give you some free time for yourself and will help to reduce overall stress.

Concierge Expert will be able to support you using 17 languages, highly educated consultant that will support you on a 24X7 base. Our consultants educational backround :
- 95% Agents with graduate degrees
- Financial
- Engineering
- Statistical Analysis
- Public Relations
- Law
- Business Management

In today’s world when unfortunately agencies are selling multilingual concierge support while they have zero employees in EMEA we give you the possibility to choose your resource- feel the chemistry , have the opportunity to meet and talk not just having a virtual office and pretend being a local presence.

Browse through our services today and choose the best for you and your internal and external customers. We step in, and you get your passport to life!


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